E2 Optics Facilitates High-Performance Wireless Solutions That Allow You To Work And Communicate More Productively.

  • Help your team work and communicate more productively and securely wherever they are, across multiple devices
  • Better meet and manage customer expectations by providing the strongest possible signal for the coverage area
  • Offer stronger, more reliable wireless coverage in concentrated areas such as conference halls, stadiums and arenas, campuses, and medical facilities

Reliable, secure, and high-speed wireless networks are not only necessary for accomplishing even the most basic of organizational operations, but there is a growing expectation for mobile voice and data services to be available to us everywhere, at any time, indoors and outdoors.

Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN’s) and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) meet that expectation by increasing access to cellular and wireless coverage, even in the most challenging locations and high-density data traffic areas. Today’s options in wireless technology offer significant gains in efficiency, accuracy, and lowered operating costs.

We can help you answer the demand for secure, easy access to data connecting your team and technologies with full life cycle high performance wireless solutions.

  • Full life cycle capabilities for WLAN systems
  • Wireless site surveys
  • Controller configuration
  • Access point installation
  • Wireless encryption and authentication
  • WLAN network integration
  • Design and engineering of WLAN architectures
  • Installation, testing, and commissioning of WLAN including WAP’s
  • Cabling of WAP’s
  • WLAN maintenance and support contracts
  • End-to-end DAS capabilities
  • Site surveys
  • RF analysis report
  • Design recommendations
  • CAD design
  • Heat mapping
  • iBwave RF propagation 3D modeling
  • UL and DL CW testing
  • Engineering construction drawings package
  • Fiber, cable, antenna, RL, DTF, and full system sweep testing
  • Commissioning, optimization, and closeout

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