It’s not a priority, it’s our number one core value!

E2 Optics is a family-oriented business, and we strive to treat everyone on and around our job sites like family, especially when it comes to ensuring their safety!

Holistic Approach

At E2 Optics, we look at safety as part of the process not as a standalone. Our philosophy is that we approach our work in a holistic way by intertwining Safety, Quality and Productivity. Some may see each of these as a separate entity, but not here at E2. We view them as they should be viewed –integrated. Safety, quality, and productivity are three components to one holistic approach to design and build, which ultimately benefits the flow of the project. 

By approaching our projects holistically, we remove any silos. Our employees from bottom up think of safety, quality, and productivity as the ebb and flow of our projects. Without one, the others do not provide a stable foundation for the project. 

This holistic approach has turned each of our employees into a Safety professional and has resulted in high levels of productivity throughout the lifecycle of our projects. We maintain low levels of incident while contributing to high levels of productivity.

Safely Home Initiative

E2 Optics Safely Home initiative stems from our belief that safety is not a priority, it is a core value. Priorities shift and change; however, core values remain true. That is why Safety is our number one core value.

We believe that what is safe in one situation may not be safe in another. Therefore, we train our people to follow strict processes; but to also immediately recognize, question and challenge things which may appear unsafe. All E2 employees are empowered to act and validate safety concerns, opting for personal and client safety above all else.

Our highly trained team knows that safety is not a check-the-box exercise. At the start of each shift, our employees perform pre-task planning. The lead/foreman for the crew will evaluate the day’s tasks and write up procedures for how to accomplish each task utilizing the correct PPE. Thus, ensuring each of our employees returns safely home.

Our safety procedures are top down and bottom up. E2 employees know they share responsibility in site safety and are supported by leadership through training and continuous recognition. We believe in complete transparency within E2 around incident reporting and are quick to praise good performance.

Mark Williams, CSP

Vice President of Safety & Risk Management
“When you’re driving everything you do with safety at the tip of the sword, you’re only going to succeed.”

Safety in their own words.

Safety is not just our approach, it's our #1 Core Value

Safety Awards

With Safety as our number one core value, we are honored to receive industry recognition.