Healthcare continues to move quickly toward a fully digital environment with increasingly complex networks and technology solutions that achieve safer, higher-quality care, while lowering costs and maintaining compliance requirements.

Digitalization of healthcare records is just one evolution that has transformed the IT requirements of healthcare providers. The reality is that more and more resources must be dedicated to managing increasingly complex networks. This requires more bandwidth and greater protection against network security threats.

Healthcare customers need more robust data communication infrastructures to manage digitalization with larger data centers and upgraded data and telecommunication building infrastructures. Upgrading wireless systems within hospitals and large healthcare facilities provides the bandwidth that mobile devices with healthcare software applications require, while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Today’s telemedicine and videoconferencing technology offers opportunities to significantly improve quality of care, while also reducing costs.

  • Provide fast, effective medical care regardless of the patient’s location with audio visual conferencing
  • Digital signage that can quickly switch between general information and emergency messages
  • Touchscreen kiosks to direct and locate patients and guests
  • Touchscreen video walls for presentations and conference rooms
  • Sound masking for greater patient privacy

E2 is a proven partner helping thousands of customers meet and exceed today’s infrastructure needs while anticipating for tomorrow’s requirements. Our approach is to start with highly qualified, designed infrastructure solutions which seamlessly integrate audiovisual, electronic security, structured cabling, and wireless/DAS solutions.

Once the design is set, our highly trained field personnel are responsible for installing and maintaining infrastructure solutions throughout your facility. Our clients benefit from our unwavering commitment to safety and quality, which originates from core values that foster healthy, lasting relationships. We’ve set the new standard, resulting in our clients making E2 Optics one of America’s largest and fastest-growing companies.