Government Solutions

Trusted, Secure Government Digital IT Solutions

IT leadership in federal, state, and local government face huge challenges in today’s environments. IT security is a top concern for every government agency, requiring solid industry partners to tackle and overcome this multi-faceted issue. With limited IT budgets and limited personnel, government IT projects must be completed on time and within budget with clear requirements, schedules, and resources.

Federal Government Compliance For Security Requirements Within Both The DoD And Civilian Sectors Calls For More Than Just Knowledge Of IT Systems.

Outdated government IT infrastructures and the transition to digital “IP-based” systems require comprehensive IT systems integration. Our engineering team takes into account security requirements for all of our “IP” system implementations.

Data Center, Structured Cabling, And Wireless Solutions

Data communications and telecommunications systems within the government sector must be upgraded to meet the new bandwidth and technology requirements of mobile devices, big data, and wireless technologies. Meeting new requirements for 40G and 100G technologies requires comprehensive strategies. Our data center, structured cabling, and wireless solutions integrate seamlessly, allowing for cost savings, energy efficiency, and future data demands.

Audio Visual, Video and Unified Communications Solutions

End-of-life AV equipment and non-compliant VTC systems are present in budget-strapped government facilities. We work with our customers to define requirements and then design and implement compliant, best-value AV solutions.  In addition, we aid our government customers in implementing video to the desktop and unified video collaboration technologies. These solutions lower the costs for collaboration, while allowing increased real time communications.

Electronic Physical Security Solutions

Cyber security is not just about network security it also includes the ability to physically access a building and obtain confidential proprietary or classified information. Our Electronic Physical Security Solutions include a wide range of access control, CCTV, visitor management and IDS systems. We provide an agnostic solution that best fits the customer’s security requirements, while allowing for budget considerations.

Our Fully Integrated IT Solutions Provide Our Government Customers With A Path To Meet All Of the Above Challenges.

We work from a design, engineering, and implementation perspective integrating security, affordability, reliability, and compliance within IT best practices.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and program needs.

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