From Midwest town to hyperscale hot spot, Columbus is becoming a market to watch

From a bright and vibrant arts scene to museums and warehouses, Columbus, Ohio, is known for many things but did you know they are in the midst of a renaissance? As one of the largest cities in the Midwest, Columbus with its strong, diverse, economy is attracting some of the biggest players in the hyperscale Data Center space.

What makes Columbus so in demand for hyperscale customers?

An attractive data center tax abatement , low incidence of natural disasters, reliable power, and relatively affordable land are some of the biggest drivers behind this boom in Columbus. Some of the world’s largest hyperscale providers either have space in the Columbus area or are currently constructing. DBT-Data, a Washington, D.C.-based real estate investment firm, recently announced they plan to construct a $1 billion project which could span up to 1 million square feet.

As land costs skyrocket across the country, Columbus offers data center developers an attractive rate of under $150,000/acre. This is substantially lower than the $0.5M-$1.0M/acre pricing which is common in areas like Northern Virginia. Yet another reason why Columbus is seeing such rapid growth.

What Columbus means to E2 Optics

Over the course of two years, E2 Optics has become the trusted low voltage provider in Columbus to the world’s largest cloud and hyperscale providers. Our presence in the Columbus market has continuously grown over our time here, seeing our revenue double.

For E2, the Columbus market sees us serving customers in the cloud/hyperscale space, along with other commercial construction customers. Our portfolio of projects continues to grow, allowing us to provide not just a job but a career for our employees.

More than just another job

For those looking to work in the trades, E2 Optics offers not just another job but a career. We offer industry leading training, not just at entry level but throughout an employee’s tenure. At our Columbus location we have a certified BICSI training center on site. Our trainers provide day one courses which provide our field staff with certifications required by our customers.

From safety training to OSHA certification to industry courses, field staff who start with E2 Optics often see themselves on a career path. On average, an entry level technician with E2 Optics can advance to a management track within 18 to 24 months.

Training does not stop after you are onboarded. For E2, we want to ensure our field staff are up to date with the latest certifications and training in our industry. We have established a program which provides everyone the opportunity to continue their career path with in-the-job field training, training at our training center, one-on-ones with management, along with quarterly meetings with project management to keep everyone on the same page.

What’s next?

As hyperscale providers continue to enter in the Columbus market, you will see E2 Optics continuing to be the low voltage provider of choice. We will continue to seek local talent and provide them with not just another job but a career path. The next 12 to 24 months show substantial growth for us in the Columbus market.

Outside of our structured cabling services, we have branched out to provide our customers with much needed splicing services. This division is seeing substantial growth for us and looks to be a great way for us to continue providing services in the Columbus area.

To learn more about career opportunities at E2 Optics, please click here.