E2 Optics celebrates Women in Construction Week by shining the spotlight on a few of our talented women

As we celebrate Women in Construction Week, we wanted to reflect on what this week means to us at E2 Optics.

As a woman-owned business in a predominately male dominated industry, we are continuously honored when women choose to work for us. Particularly because when you think of construction work, you typically think of a man in a hard hat.

This year’s Women in Construction Week theme, “Many Paths, One Mission”, really resonates with us. We are blessed to have an incredible team with diverse backgrounds. For our female employees, many have interesting paths which led them into the world of construction. We recently interviewed several of our female employees to find out what brought them into the construction world and their advice for those seeking to join. Please take a moment to learn a little more about our female colleagues. Together we can all be the change we want to see. We are STRONGER TOGETHER!

Kristi Alford-Haarberg, President and CEO

Kristi Alford-Haarberg
President and CEO




E2 Insider: What do you think was the biggest influence in your personal growth and success within the industry?

 Margarita Alcorta: I feel like my personal growth came from my motivation of wanting to be successful!

 Zarina Boardman: As a woman, obviously curiosity and the desire to learn more about the industry and if a man can do it, I can do it, except to pay the bills in a restaurant.

 Sarah Del Bene: My curiosity to learn about my peers and coworkers. I am where I am today because of the conversations and relationships I have built with the people within the industry and at E2.

 Arianna Dot: My biggest influence as a woman is that the owner of the company where I work is a woman, that’s amazing, because it shows that women can do everything we dream of, even owning our own company.

Kate Ferro: I would say our Operations Team at E2 Optics has been the most influential, these guys took me under their wing and truly showed me the way by bringing me on site walks, helping me look at plans, etc.

Melissa Foster: Having a strong woman-owned message throughout our company, giving me the empowerment to send my own message across my client base. Having the support of upper management.

Amy Layton: The overwhelming support of my husband, coworkers, and friends cheering me on.

Kelsie Miller: My biggest influence came from the team around me. The amazing people I get to work with every day, who constantly strive to better themselves and those around them through constant motivation, challenges, and continued education.

Denise Tweedy: The biggest influence in my personal growth and success within the industry are the people I work with—both on site and virtual connections. Walking around the site, visiting and getting to know the techs is such a pleasure. Asking engaging questions while interacting with techs, leads, supervisors, superintendents, PMs and all team members extends my knowledge of the industry and what is actually occurring in the field. When that knowledge is applied to any position, i.e., my positions as project coordinator and cost controller, it lends itself to a better understanding of the purpose for completion of my everyday tasks. I think when surrounded by a strong team, the knowledge and relationships gained result in growth and success.

E2 Insider: What have you personally done to influence another female to become involved in the industry?

Margarita Alcorta: I speak highly of any female who can make it in the construction world, not all females are cut out for the job that we do! So, to any female that is out here in the field with me, LET’S GET IT!

Zarina Boardman: Motivate them, many times when they hear construction they are shocked, but construction has a wide world of possibilities and within it is telecommunication and fiber optics where you can grow and project yourself.

Arianna Dot: I constantly talk to my friends and family about how challenging it is to work in an industry dominated by men, but I feel that currently, women are gaining valuable spaces, and our voice is heard, and our opinion is respected and valued.

Sarah Del Bene: Sharing my experience and what I have learned and gone through so far in my career.

Kate Ferro: I have helped get multiple people hired in this industry, some at E2 including my younger sister. I also have a networking group with other women in the industry who meet quarterly.

Melissa Foster: I’ve spoken in high schools to encourage young women to think about the many opportunities in our industry.

Amy Layton: I tell everyone about being in construction and how it has changed my life in such a positive way.

Kelsie Miller: We have a great group of women on our site, and I always encourage them to pursue further training and learning. We recently promoted another amazing woman into a lead position on our Network team and I am excited to see her excel in her new role!

Denise Tweedy: I have personally influenced females to become involved in the industry by sharing my story with others and how I support my team. Also, I have made several professional connections and shown other women the variety of roles in the industry that are available. There is a very special woman who works at the EAG site that I connected with during her orientation. As a project coordinator, I offered her words of encouragement and always looked for her when I did walks around the site to see how she was doing. She has done so well and is an exceptional employee and such a joy.

E2 Insider: What was your path which led you to the industry?

Margarita Alcorta: My military career led me to want to be in the communications industry. I was a fiber tech in the Army!

Zarina Boardman: My brother told me about this, at one point I thought that I would not make it or that it would be difficult, but here I am wanting to know more and expanding my knowledge as much as I can.

Sarah Del Bene: After I earned my master’s degree in sport business, I decided to move to Denver, Colorado, for more opportunities and a more suitable lifestyle. I was planning on continuing my path in sport business, but one connection led to another and here I am. I would have never thought in a million years I would be where I am today, and I am so grateful for the unexpected opportunities that came my way and that I decided to take.

Arianna Dot: Leaving my country, starting from scratch in this wonderful country, taught me to reinvent myself, open up to new beginnings, new learning, and always driven to give my daughters the best, they are my daily motivation.

Kate Ferro: I started as the cart girl for E2 Optics’ Golf Tournament back in 2017 and was hire on into an Administrative role, I shortly grew from there to Marketing/Sales Coordinator and after that into full Sales.

Melissa Foster: I spent many years in IT and Telecommunications staffing. I supported E2’s growth, knew many people in the company and wanted to join the group.

Amy Layton: I was in escrow for 18 years, when the housing market crashed again I knew it was time to change industries. My husband is a PM for an electrical contractor, so he encouraged me to apply for the job at E2. He knew I had all of the skills to be a great project coordinator.

Kelsie Miller: My previous career was as a chef. I made the jump into this industry through a family member and have fallen in love with the expansive opportunity and depth of knowledge that can be explored here. I learn something new every day and am always excited to rise to the challenge.

Denise Tweedy: Honestly, it was my husband who led me to the industry. We met in San Antonio, Texas, while he was working at a data center. From there, we moved to Washington, where he encouraged me to apply for a job with the GC at the data center where he was working. I did so and was hired!  I have worked at a data center from that day until present.

E2 Insider: Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your younger self?

Margarita Alcorta: Don’t listen to anything anyone tells you. If you want it don’t stop until you got it! And goals goals goals, give yourself realistic goals that you want to meet!

Zarina Boardman: I would tell myself you can, nothing is as difficult as taking the first step and if you don’t take that step you will never know how difficult it is. Try and don’t be afraid and if it wasn’t what you expected at least you tried.

Sarah Del Bene: Mistakes will be a key part of your success. Don’t be afraid to make them.

Arianna Dot: May I never give up! Don’t stop trying, good opportunities come but you have to be prepared to receive them, and everything happens for a reason. Bad days never last forever, the sun rises again and we’re going to be fine!

Kate Ferro: Don’t every try to dim the fire within you. You are meant to be exactly as you are and when people say you’re intimidating it’s more because they are intimidated! Keep shining and being a light in this world.

Melissa Foster: Self-advocate your worth, voice your opinions, qualify your deals with clients and companies you work for early on. If a deal is not worth chasing, then let it go.

Amy Layton: Find E2 sooner!

Kelsie Miller: I have always strived to learn all I can and push the boundaries of my abilities no matter what I have done. In this role, more than anything else, that drive to take in knowledge and continuously be prepared to adapt to updated standards is key. I would encourage my younger self to simply learn, get certifications, continue education in every arena, take the step into leadership whenever the chance arises, and help develop those around you – no individual can accomplish as much as a great team!

Denise Tweedy: I would tell my younger self to learn everything about Excel; it will become so much a part of my life that I will dream (or have nightmares) about it. In fact, I would tell myself to get an Excel tattoo as a constant reminder that I will need to know it and will use it daily! I would also tell myself to learn the lingo and acronyms in the industry. It’s not a “meme vault” or an “impoe”; deliverables are not my orders that show up at my front door; a tugger is not like the tool my dentist uses; LOTO does not involve selecting winning numbers; oh, I could go on and on. I would also tell myself, “Construction is not just for men!”

Please take a moment to get to know some of the phenomenal women who work here at E2 Optics.

Margarita Alcorta
Technician II
Omaha, Nebraska
I have been at E2 for a little over 4 1/2 years. In my off time I like to spend time with my family and play softball!



Sarah Del Bene
Sales Division Program Manager
Denver, Colorado
I’ve worked at E2 for almost 3 years. I love going on new adventures and doing anything that involves being active and outside.


Arianna Dot
Installer I
Salt Lake City, Utah



Kate Ferro
Account Executive
Denver, Colorado
I have been with E2 Optics six years come October 2023. I started as the cart girl for E2 Optics’ Golf Tournament back in 2017 and was hire on into an Administrative role, I shortly grew from there to Marketing/Sales Coordinator and after that into Full Sales. I also work part time as a fitness instructor at CycleBar in Lone Tree, Colorado. I recently got married to my husband Anthony in October 2022 and we have 5 dogs. We enjoy spending our time going to concerts and sporting events, hunting, and spending time in the mountains with our family.


Melissa Foster

Melissa Foster
Sr. Account Executive
Charlotte, North Carolina
Throughout the course of my sales career, I have become a trusted advisor to my clients by understanding and aligning the appropriate resources needed to solve critical business issues. Nothing is more urgent than achieving these goals in line with project deadlines and budgets. My role with E2 Optics is supporting the company’s rapid growth in the Southeast, offering turnkey, mission critical services for data centers including structured cabling, audio visual and video, wireless and DAS solutions. I’m passionate about making a difference in my community, supporting lasting friendships and being a great mom. I love to do various art projects and play a little golf!


Amy Layton
Project Coordinator
Phoenix, Arizona
I worked for 18 years in the escrow industry and was tired of the ups and downs of the market and always stressed about job security. I have worked for E2 since October 10, 2022. I went from working in an office to running a warehouse and assisting four project managers, a regional manager and a national manager. I knew very little about low voltage. Every day I learn something new, and I’m excited to come to work.


Kelsie Miller
Project Manager
Omaha, NE
I started working for E2 in March of 2021 as an installer with the testing team. After a few months of working with the field team I applied for an Administrative Coordinator role and stepped into an assistive position. During that time, I became familiar with the team as a go-to person for any questions and help needed while learning more about our company and scope we provide for our Meta Data Centers. I have now been a Project Manager for almost a year at the PNB/SNB Campus and have had the opportunity to grow tremendously with my amazing team. Over the last few months, we have built up our multi-campus structure and are training new Project Managers, Project Engineers, Superintendents, Field Supervisors, and Leads, 99% of whom were promoted from within giving our team the ability to step into leadership positions and implement the changes they have wished to see.


Denise Tweedy
Cost Controller
Eagle Mountain, UT
After raising two exceptional sons and being a classroom teacher for 19 years, one season ended as a new adventure began. I moved from Orange Grove, Texas, to San Antonio, Texas, where I was introduced to my husband and the data center construction industry. In 2016 we journeyed to Washington where I was hired as an accountant support staff member for the general contractor. We hopped around a couple of states when life then led us to a data center in Richmond, Virginia, where I worked with the finance department for a company on site. Then an amazing opportunity presented itself in November 2020 when I accepted an offer with E2 Optics as the project coordinator supporting the EAG site, and Utah became our home state. The experience from my past jobs and knowledge I gained as a project coordinator led to the opportunity of becoming a cost controller, supporting the PNB-SNB team. One of my favorite aspects of my job is collaborating with my amazing Project Controls team as well as the E2 Finance Department and getting to know and exchange knowledge with the PNB-SNB team. Establishing and nurturing professional relationships is what makes working with my E2 family so enjoyable.

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