Our # 1 Core Value

E2 Optics makes safety a priority throughout every aspect of the company. Our safety program is managed by our CEO who sponsors monthly safety meetings with leaders from every region. To ensure safety stays ingrained in our culture, all employees attend regular safety training so that E2 Optics’ safety principles are applied to all projects from top to bottom. Our VP of Safety & Risk Management’s main role is to promote a culture of safety throughout the company. Safety is a company value embraced and promoted by all E2 Optics executive and senior managers. Click here to view a safety letter outlining E2 Optics’ commitment to safety from our CEO and President.

Safety in Action

  • VP of Safety & Risk Management reports to our CEO & President
  • Executive Management support of all training efforts (top-down and bottom-up approach)
  • Monthly executive and senior management safety meetings
  • Weekly safety meetings for on-site employees and the constant efforts to improve safety.
  • Continuous improvement process is applied to our safety program

Commitment To Safety

  • CEO sponsored program throughout the enterprise
  • Highest quality of work achieved without sacrificing safety on all projects
  • Safety culture created internally to achieve and maintain zero accident environment
  • Employee Safety and Health Program updated regularly
  • Mandatory New Hire Safety Orientation
  • Pre-Project Safety Meetings
  • Ongoing employee safety training
  • On staff OSHA authorized trainers

To contact an E2 Optics Safety representative click here or send an email to safety@e2optics.com.