As the world moves to digitization, the healthcare market in Charlotte is seeing an uptick in the need for DAS systems

From the NFL to the NBA to the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Charlotte is known for a few things. But did you know that it boasts some of North Carolina’s finest healthcare facilities?

Healthcare in Charlotte

Atrium Health, Novant, Piedmont, Caromont, and  Prisma healthcare systems, just to name a few, Charlotte and it’s surrounding suburbs have access to some of the best healthcare facilities in North Carolina. From general care to children’s specialties, and many practices in between, residents in Charlotte can trust they will be well cared for.

Impact of digitization on healthcare

As the world adjusts to life post COVID-19, many industries are facing new realities. From remote work to digitization of records to the importance of reliable Wi-Fi, the modern world is finding itself in a position where it must adjust.

For healthcare organizations, an industry known for staying a little behind the curve when it comes to technology, they have been forced to embrace technology advancements. From telemedicine, electronic health records, IoT devices and other technologies, the need for reliable connectivity and accessibility has become top priority for healthcare IT departments.

In addition, as patients and hospital staff are more connected than ever with personal and professional devices such as smartphones and tablets, the need for healthcare facilities to have reliable connectivity has become paramount. Dead zones, once just a part of life, have now become a hot button for many patients and hospital staff. As realized during the COVID-19 pandemic when patients were not permitted to have loved ones with them for appointments, procedures or emergency room visits, the need for connectivity throughout the facility became crucial. The best doctors seek hospitals that have the best technology and connectivity that allows for their medical devices to work quickly and effectively.

For Charlotte, many in the healthcare field scrambled to ensure they could provide connectivity. Many though were unaware of exactly how to achieve this. This is where a public distributed antenna system (DAS) became a game changer.

What is DAS and how does it improve healthcare facilities?

DAS is a network of spatially separated antenna nodes which connect to a common source to transmit wireless services within a structure or geographic area. DAS relies on antennas for coverage and Copper, Coax, and/or fiber optic cables to convert the signal. DAS has the ability to provide coverage throughout a structure including bottom level parking structures and fortified stairwells.

For healthcare, this system opens up many areas in the facility to allow for both personal communication and public safety.

How E2 Optics is helping Charlotte healthcare facilities with their DAS needs

Since 2019, E2 Optics has been a trusted low voltage design partner in the Charlotte area. Our partnerships with many of the area’s top healthcare providers has allowed us to provide much needed DAS services and has seen us expand into audio visual and other structured cabling needs. Our presence in the Charlotte market has continuously grown over our time here, seeing our revenue double.

For E2, the Charlotte market sees us serving customers in the healthcare space, along with financial, enterprise and property management customers. Our portfolio of projects continues to grow, allowing us to provide not just a job but a career for our employees.

More than just another job

For those looking to work in the trades, E2 Optics offers not just another job but a career. We offer industry leading training, not just at entry level but throughout an employee’s tenure. Our trainers provide day one courses which provide our field staff with certifications required by our customers.

From safety training to OSHA certification to industry courses, field staff who start with E2 Optics often see themselves on a career path. On average, an entry level technician with E2 Optics can advance to a management track within 18 to 24 months.

Training does not stop after you are on-boarded. For E2, we want to ensure our field staff are up to date with the latest certifications and training in our industry. We have established a program which provides everyone the opportunity to continue their career path with on-the-job field training, training at one of our three authorized BICSI training centers, one-on-ones with management, along with quarterly meetings with project management to keep everyone on the same page.

What’s next?

As healthcare providers continue to incorporate DAS into their facilities in the Charlotte market, you will see E2 Optics continuing to be the low voltage provider of choice. We will continue to seek local talent and provide them with not just another job but a career path. The next 12 to 24 months show substantial growth for us in the Charlotte market.

To learn more about career opportunities at E2 Optics, please click here.

Victor Hart

Victor Hart, RCDD, PMP, ITIL®v3
Regional Operations Manager SE

Victor Hart is an experienced low voltage operations manager with more than 30 years of industry experience. His proven track record of delivering successful projects through strong leadership and team building skills has helped transform E2 Optics’ presence in the southeast region. Victor also served his country for 12 years and retired as a Communications Electronics Officer from the South Carolina Army National Guard.



Melissa Foster

Melissa Foster
Sr. Account Executive

Melissa Foster is a trusted advisor to her customers for more than 25 years. Through understanding and aligning the appropriate resources needed to solve critical business issues, Melissa brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to each one of our customers. Since starting with E2 Optics in 2019, Melissa has supported the company’s rapid growth in the Southeast region. Outside of E2 Optics, Melissa is a board member of Ballantyne IT Professionals and a member of NAWIC and other networking clubs in the region, putting together people and solutions to make positive impacts wherever possible.