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We provide innovative low voltage solutions to enterprise, government and military customers. If you’re looking for more than just another job and up for the challenge, join the E2 Optics team and launch your career today!

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In Their Own Words

“E2 Optics inspires me to be innovative and constantly seek to improve. I love working for E2 because of the people I’m privileged to work with and the overall attitude of one team, one dream. #E2Lifer”
Matthew Easton
Director of Operations, Strategic Accounts
“For me, working at E2 Optics is an amazing opportunity. Starting out as a technician and now being the lead tech, I’ve been able to transform a job into a career. E2 Optics, for me, is more than a job, it’s my family.”
Daniele Gochanour
Lead Technician
“Safety in my regular life, much like my professional life, is family driven with a think before you act mentality. Whether you are towing a travel trailer to a nice weekend getaway, working in your garage, or pulling cable from a ladder. Take the time to think the task through, identify potential hazards and take the proper precautions. If you take this initial step, chances are you will complete every task safely and efficiently and get to see your family, friends and colleagues the next morning. I am passionate in both aspects that it is my responsibility not only to ensure my habits and mindset, but also the mindset of those around me.”
E2 Lead Technician
5 Years of Service